What is the old grey whistle test?

The Old Grey Whistle Test is the pseudonym for the solo musical musings of San Francisco-based vocalist, songwriter, and frontwoman Tracey Holland.
A beaker-full of Nancy Sinatra-noir, Linda Perhacs' psychedelia, Stevie Nicks-mysticism, and Kate Bush-soundscapes, set to a score of Ennio Morricone.
The resulting collection of songs on OGWT's debut, Ouroboros, is a small treasure trove of richness. Both personal and cryptic, Ouroboros revels in an unshakable draw to the subtler, darker aspects of life which are explored intently throughout the album. The complexities of identity, intimacy, gender, sexuality, and even unseen metaphysical forces are all dragged out and sifted through. There’s an unmistakable potency and vulnerability to The Old Grey Whistle Test's sound that hovers between sounds & worlds: haunting, strange, and beautiful.